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C. P. Reineberg Co., LLC

The Green Approach

​Today more than ever there is a rapidly growing awareness that our planet is precious and our resources limited. It is critical that we make intelligent and informed decisions regarding how we impact the Earth and it's fragile atmosphere. Action that we take today will profoundly affect the quality of life for generations to come.

We strive to provide our clients with the ability to make and implement fully informed and environmentally sound decisions regarding every issue they encounter.

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Our skilled, in-house workforce performs interior and/or exterior demolition and deconstruction services in a broad range of industrial, residential and commercial settings. Demolition projects performed by C. P. Reineberg Co., LLC include office buildings, warehouses, homes, garages, and a wide array of other structures. No matter what a project requires, C. P. Reineberg Co., LLCtakes pride in assessing the customer's needs, and using established methods for saving both time and money. Our full service staff is well versed in state of the art methodology, and ready to assist in any situation.

At C. P. Reineberg Co., LLC, we are equipped to serve the hauling and clean-up needs of Home owners/Renters, Realtors, Property Managers, Banks, Mortgage Companies, Contractors, Businesses, and Local Government. Our commitment to the environment and the communities we serve ensures any material that can be recycled, reused, or repurposed will never see a landfill. 

  1. Whole Structure Demolition

  2. Selective Demolition

  3. Land Clearing

  4. Contaminated soil removal
  5. ​snow removal

C. P. Reineberg Co., LLC strives to make all of our jobs a turnkey process from demolition to recycling to disposal.

Focusing on thinking, "green" we recognize the importance of sustainability therefore we continue to be an environmentally and financially conscious company today. Our team of experts have backgrounds in traditional demolition (The use of mechanized tools and equipment to demolish all or parts of a building structure. Typically involves cranes and wrecking balls, high reach excavators, shears and other heavy equipment), deconstruction (The dismantling of a building from the top down, one piece at a time. Typically used when the building components deconstructed have value or repurpose. Usually involves the systematic removal of select pieces for reuse, repurpose or resale) and of course, the combination of both demolition and deconstruction.


 C. P. Reineberg Co., LLC was founded to provide residential and commercial demolition solutions with an ongoing commitment to employees, clients and the environment.


C. P. Reineberg Co., LLC is a fully insured and bondable provider of a wide range of demolition and hauling services.